Reading Sex-Positive Children's Books with Your Child

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Sex-positive reading with our children is fun and doesn't have to be awkward. Ty (my 7yo) and I made this video of highlights from our read to show you an example, in case there are any doubts.

????Some tips to remember:

▪️start early and read often
▫️scope books out first to make sure the messages are in line with your values and that the content feels appropriate for your child's age and comprehension level
▪️consider reading these books in parts versus all in one sitting. This will help with comprehension.
▫️watch for verbal and non-verbal cues from your child and ask questions when needed to gauge their comfort and understanding of the material
▪️welcome questions, and do not feel you have to know all of the answers
▫️even if your kids are older, reading together versus having them read solo then come to you with questions, is the most effective way to encourage a safe space for talking together about these topics

????The SPF Summer Reading Challenge has just begun! Check out the list of book options for all ages here if you need some inspiration:

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