Yep. You read the title right. Trying different sex positions can help you and your spouse enjoy sex more, and can help re-ignite some sparks in your relationship! We've found some Christian sex position cards that show you how to do these without encouraging a porn habit. Grab your spouse and watch Dave & Ashley learn about some new sex positions!

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0:00 Intro
0:37 You Asked For This!
0:50 Christian Sex Positions Part 2
2:00 Dave Can't Help Himself
2:16 The Big L
3:00 Deep Victory
3:40 Duet
4:08 Cowgirl Squeeze
4:26 Feast
4:43 Fire Hydrant
5:46 Fast and Furious
5:27 Happy Valley
5:47 Ice Cream
6:10 Let's Dance
6:41 Oath
6:54 Rocket Sled
7:07 Why Do Different Sex Positions Matter?
7:50 ...
8:00 Should Sex Be Fun?
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